Dr. Chase Espinoza

Dr. Chase Espinoza is a psychologist who specializes in forensic evaluations, neuropsychological examination, clinical assessment, and psychoeducational testing. He has worked with diverse populations in school-based, forensic, substance abuse, residential behavioral health, and county mental health settings. Dr. Chase also has experience in providing neuropsychological services for neurology patients in a hospital outpatient setting. He specializes in thorough and individualized recommendations, as well as follow-up consultations. Dr. Chase is published in multiple subject areas of psychology and presents multiple times a year, often on the topics of co-occurring disorders, male trauma, and intimate partner violence, at conferences and summits. He is an adjunct professor of psychology and research in undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs at three different universities in Southern California and regularly develops courses. A self-described “lifelong learner,” Dr. Chase is passionate about his work constantly aims to expand his expertise.