Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does my insurance cover psychological testing?
A: For psychological testing, our psychologist is not on insurance panels. We ask that patients pay at the time of service. Our office accepts cash and debit/credit cards.
Q: How quickly can I be seen for psychological testing?
A: Generally, you can be seen within 1 week. Our provider will call you within 2 business days to discuss in detail their availability, the cost of testing, and to explain the process.

Q: Do you provide testing for ADHD?
A: Yes! We also administer a computer based test called the TOVA (Test for Variables of Attention). The test is administered by our office staff. It is not covered by insurance; the fee is $195 at the time of the test. We can usually schedule patients for a test within 2 business days, with test results ready the following business day after the test is administered. For more information, please click here.
Q: How much does testing cost on average?
A: The testing price varies depending on the test and includes the initial interview, evaluations, and a follow-up meeting to discuss the test results. The test report is also included. Half of the payment is due at the time of testing and the other half is due at the time of receiving the test report.  Please call our office for more detailed pricing information.
Q: Do you offer other treatments as an alternative to medications?
A: Yes, we also provide therapy. Please contact our office for more information.
Q: Do you have therapists who work with children?
A: Yes, our therapists work with both children and teens as well as adults.
Q: Do you have psychiatrists who work with children?
A: At this time, our psychiatrists work only with adults 18 and older.